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Since before I could even speak I have been a maker and creator. 

I grew up in a very creative household. With a fulltime artist as a mother, and a studio out the back filled with every colour and different type of paint a young girl can dream of.

I believe it was mums large scale, vibrantly coloured, Monet like, oil paint landscapes that inspired me to create my own interpretation of a colourful, harmonic utopia.

Through studying my bachelor in Graphic Design at Charles Sturt University, I discovered my love for digital and hand cut collaging as a medium. I instantly appreciated the lack of limitations, and the final result of juxtaposing textures and colours together. 

"Rosie ushers you to a time where cosmic oneness & imagination dance in perfect harmony. With psychedelic vibes and a color palette of divine femininity, Rosie creates the parallel universe of your dreams. Her pieces are constructed using vintage National Geographic clippings that she treasures." - Foxy Sage blog